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It is important to know how unnatural backlinks and backlinks of low quality can hurt the page rankings of your website. The best way to avoid this problem is to have high-quality backlinks (if you are interested in such clean German Links, simply request more infos - we are an authority in that field in Germany). High-quality backlinks will get your website near the top of search engine results pages also known as SERPs. Remember that the original purpose of backlinks is to drive traffic from other websites to your website. To obtain high-quality backlinks, they must all possess these four basic characteristics: Authority, Relevance, Uniqueness and High Traffic.

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Internet users will consider your website authoritative if it already contains what is consider authoritative links. If someone has learned all they can from a site that they have bookmarked, they may look for more links in the “For Further Reading,” or “To Learn More” sections. It even better if they found your website through hyperlinked text in the content of a site that they consider authoritative.

Search engines also keep lists of sites that they consider authoritative or trustworthy. The more closely your site is linked to one of these seed sites, the higher it will rank on an SERP. If your site is linked from a BBC or Huffington Post page (more about the topic Guest Posting Services), it will be more likely to be considered authoritative, and has a very good chance of being one of the first links that a searcher will see when they type in a relevant search term.

The principle of this concept similar to one that works in real life: If a person is looking for a copyright attorney, he or she may ask for recommendations from the attorney who handled their personal injury case.


Relevance of a link can be somewhat subjective. Generally, a relevant backlink is one that is positioned on a site or page that provides information about the same subject or topic as your website, or shares a niche or category that your website does. The relevance of a link may be based on the content of the linking site or page and the context of the words surrounding the link.

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The key words and phrases on your website and the website linking to yours do not necessarily have to match exactly, but the key words and phrases on your site should be contextually related to the key words and phrases as the site linking to yours. For example, if the website linking to yours is for a divorce attorney, you may want to have phrases such as “family law,” “child custody,” or “spousal support.”

Exact matches of words and phrases can make links seem unnatural. So, if the site linking to yours has information about “how to delete apps from an iPad,” you can include this phrase sparingly, but with little variation. You may also want to include similar phrases, such as “deleting apps from an iPad,” or “Why can’t I delete apps from my iPad?”


As with coin collecting or stamp collecting, rarity has a huge influence on value for backlinks. If there is a link to your website on an authoritative site, but your competitors do not have links on that site, you can consider your link on that site a high-quality link. If the website linking to yours has very few links, but the link to your website is one of them, then your link has a higher value than if the website linking to yours has many links. Search engines consider websites to be of higher quality when the few links it has are to informational sites, rather than advertising sites.

A good way to establish unique or rare links is to participate in a conference. Conference sites usually have links to their participants. Not all your competitors can participate in the conference, so conference participation can be a way to gain an advantage. This advantage can extend to both real life in the contacts you can make, and in the backlinks you can establish on the conference site and with other organizations that participate in the conference.

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The more traffic that a website that links to your website has, the higher the quality of the link. Your site will rank higher on SERPs if a high-traffic site links to it, but remember that having a link on a high-traffic site means that more people are likely to see it. However, it is important that your link is highly visible on the site. For example, few human beings see or click on footer links. They are seen mostly by search engine crawlers.

When considering the traffic of a site that you want linked to yours, consider the social media exposure the site gets. It will likely get more social media exposure the easier it is to share on social media. If your link is on a blog, consider how active the readership is on the blog.

Other considerations

Because of past abuses, search engines look for backlinks that seem to game the system. They tend to rank sites with non-commercial text higher than sites with commercial content, and rank non-sponsored sites higher than sponsored sites. You may raise a red flag if you have reciprocal links on your site. The search engines may assume that you cut a deal to artificially raise your page rankings. Overall, a backlink is more likely to be considered a high-quality link if it can be considered useful to a person conducting a search.

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